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Transforming how you move, Camarillo Movers offers a full-service moving experience that’s just right for you. As the leading affordable moving company in Camarillo, we guarantee transparent pricing with no hidden costs, ensuring cost-effective yet efficient moving services. Our team, made up of the best movers in Camarillo and beyond, focuses on delivering top-notch service wherever needed. Count on us to handle your local or long-distance move with pinpoint accuracy and a personal touch, making your relocation smooth and worry-free. Experience the difference with Camarillo’s most reliable and cost-effective moving solution.



Loading and un-loading

Reassemble and Disassemble

included dollies, tools and straps

Packing and Unpacking


Blankets, tape and wardrobe

boxes aren't included in our rate.

Labor & Transportation


Package 1

One 24/26 ft truck and 2 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Package 2

One 24/26 ft truck and 3 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Package 3

One 24/26 ft truck and 4 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Packing service costs the same price like above mentioned ones (per/men per/hr). If you need packing materials, we can provide them and you can bye piece by piece as well.