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Why Choose Camarillo Movers

About Us

Ready to rethink moving? For service as personal as the possessions you’ve packed, count on the best Los Angeles moving company to help make your new house a home. There nothing stronger than our word. At our company we ensure your items get from point A to B right on schedule. Get straightforward, competitive pricing without hidden fees. Our team of fully-vetted moving professional goes the extra mile for our customers. We’ll assist you with packing, loading, transit and unloading.



Loading and un-loading

Reassemble and Disassemble

included dollies, tools and straps

Packing and Unpacking


Blankets, tape and wardrobe

boxes aren't included in our rate.

Labor & Transportation


Package 1

One 24/26 ft truck and 2 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Package 2

One 24/26 ft truck and 3 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Package 3

One 24/26 ft truck and 4 men

We Charge hourly (minimum 3 Hrs)

Packing service costs the same price like above mentioned ones (per/men per/hr). If you need packing materials, we can provide them and you can bye piece by piece as well.